Thursday, November 4, 2010

My first cover and best for "No Depression"
Jay Farrar for "No Depression", my 4th cover.
Johnny Cash for "No Depression"
Allison Kraus for "No Depression" mag.
The incredible Johnny Depp
Hillary and sarah, the most hilarious combo.
Alec Baldwin for New York Magazine
Chaka-Kan!!, for VIBE mag.
The Beattles!
Another idea for the New Yorker cover, New York Summer camp for Kids in Central Park.
Anthony Hopkins in "Legends of the Fall" for TOTAL TV.
one of few portraits of Madonna for several magazines.
Still so much fun to draw her!!
a ramdom illo about secretary's day. an intent for a New yorker cover idea.
j.lo and her famous dress, i had to draw her and her magic ways to go from public romances one after the other!!

This was a piece for my portfolio in 1997, never published. Gosh, Entertainment weekly really missed a lot of good work from me around that time!!!